Thursday 17 September 2015

The End

Dear all,

Without going into details, last year I was diagnosed with one or two nasty illnesses one being severe COPD. I now find it very difficult to walk more than 100 yards before I am Cream Crackered. So exercising dogs has now become totally impossible.  After sitting on this news both Jennifer and I decided to pack Cali off to Jennifer’s mum in the Country (Great Missenden) to spend her days in the open countryside. She obviously loves every waking moment and we see her most weekends for grooming and loads of cuddles. It’s been very hard for us both to have lived in this house with all the kids gone and for the first time in our married life no dogs. We had to have an animal and after much thought and prayer decided to take in two cats, Noah a Persian / Chinchilla (white) aged 3 and Lily, a Ragdoll Seal Tortie point aged 8. I thought it only right to let you know and explain as much as I can why we reached this decision. So, as far as the blog is concerned, it seems to have done us proud and it’s been an absolute joy updating it. It’s run its course and we would like to thank each and every one of you, all 58090 of you for popping by and sharing the joy. I will leave it up but won’t be posting anything more. You can still contact me on the numbers and email address on page one of the blog. Thanking you is not enough for the support you have given us but I’m afraid it’s all I have left in me. Thoughts, Stewart and Jennifer

Tuesday 25 November 2014


The ever so beautiful, stunning, gorgeous Golden that is Hetty, the very first puppy to pop into my hands just over 4 years ago. Little Miss Red bottom. What a fabby life she has, a loving family with three young boys and as much water as you can shake a stick at! How lucky we were to find her family.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Canine and feline

Well you would wouldn't you, being a Golden you would share! Willow and Ninja, lovely.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

The School Run......................

Remember the ever lovely Penny? Here she is enjoying the school run!

Monday 10 November 2014

Rosa, Bertie and The Boss

You have no idea just how happy these images make me. I am ignoring the furniture bit! Don't they look so happy?


This is a portrait of Orlando, isn't it fab?. If you would like your dog or cat sketched just contact Jasmine here Jasmine's Portraits You won't be disappointed.


The wonderful Rosa and the gorgeous Bertie :)